Differences are in processing performance.

What's New

  • New Sales Office
    Establishment of a Korean office in Jun 2009.
  • New products
    The "SFU-150 scanning laser welding system" was newly put on the market in June 2009.
  • New products
    The "MAX-600P" and the "MAX-400P" - Our latest addition to the "ECO LASER" family of highly effective YAG laser welding machine, in February 2009.
  • Web site opening
    A Chinese Web site was opened with the establishment of a Chinese office in January 2009.
    http://www.thm-co.cn/(A new window will open.)
  • New product
    YAG Laser "MAX-500P" was developed and launched to the market in January 2009.
  • The company name was changed to THM Co.Ltd. in September 2007.
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YAG Laser Micro Arc Welder Resistance Welder