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High processing performace,different from other YAG lasers! Fully confident about the processing performace!

SUPER LASER is the next generation YAG laser. Compact and high performance at lower price!!

SUPER LASER, the ultimate YAG laser can solve the problem.

1:SUPER LASER has a high processing performance.

Are you satisfy with the current processing? Try and see the performance of SUPER LASER. You will be convinced of the quality processing different from other YAG lasers.

2: Is your production stable?

Aren't you troubled with unstable laser processing? You need a quality laser as well as processing know-how and tips for Jig to achieve stable processing.

3: Are you dissatisfied with "the lamp having a short life"?

Dramatically longer life of the lamp with SUPER LASER. The lamp has a longer life, minimizing the running cost.

4:Speedy after-sales services.

Speedy after-sales services at reasonable prices. Are you satisfied with the service and pricing systems in the traditional laser industry? Entrust and call us.

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Comparison test for welding performance

Test 1: Comparison of welding performance


Cross-section surfaces of welded area are compared.


SUPER LASER has 1.26 times wider welding. (Higher weld strength) (The same material was used, with lasers alone being changed.)

Comparative photos

Test 2 Comparison of penetration depth


Shapes and penetration depth of welded area are compared. (Laser power was lower than that for Test 1.)


SUPER LASER has 1.25 times deeper penetration.

Comparative photos

Test 3 Welding of highly reflective material


Comparison of welding of highly reflective material


SUPER LASER shows stable processing.

If you are bothered by wasters at the time of welding of highly reflected materials… SUPER LASER is the solution!

Comparative photos

The desisive factor is in the processing performance!

Easy to operate!  Intuitively! Less energy welding! High efficiency!  Longer lamp life! Stable welding of hard-to-weld materials such as aluminium and copper. SUPER LASER can do it!

Please do not give up unless you tried SUPER LASER yet.

SUPER LASER makes impossible possible!
Entrust THM, the experts, with your sample processing!

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