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Welding of CCFL (cold-cathod fluorescent lamp) electrode

We have confidence for YAG laser welding of CCFL electrode.
If you have a trouble with it, entrust us! Demand for CCFL as LCD

backlight module has increased rapidly. Mo, W, Nb, Ni and Kov often used for CCFL electrode are difficult materials for laser welding. This is particularly true when the cup and inner lead are a combination of Mo and W, or both Mo. We have increased know-how for welding of CCFL electrode through various experiments, as well as CCFL-related equipment such as butt welding of lead wires.

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What is CCFL?

LCD TV is backlighted using fluorescent lamps. The backlight is called cold-cathod fluorescent lamps (CCFL).

Problems with general YAG lasers (Customers' comments)

  1. Nondefective ratio of product is low.
  2. Weld strenght of finished product is low.
  3. Even nondefective product often breaks at the welded area.
  4. Materials are limited.

SUPER LASER can solve such problems´╝ü

  1. Robust welding is possible regardless of material.
  2. Extremely high nondefective ratio.
  3. Longer lamp life (when compared under the same conditions)

Please entrust and call us when you have a difficurlt work material.

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